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Previous Exhibitions

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"Poem of the Earth: from Ego to Eco"
by Nadine Braquetti


Cropped Cover Image
"At Sea"
by Zeljka Himbele
Hand & I cropped cover image
"Hand & I"
by Yulia Tikhonova
St John's Postcard Crop
"Art of Finesse"
St. John's University Dept. of Art & Design BFA Senior Exhibition
Cropped Skowhegan Image
"Distance" Works on Paper by Skowhegan Alumni
by Betsy Alwin and Steve Locke


Complicated Territory cropped cover image
"Complicated Territory"
by Bridget Donlon
Cusick image cropped
by Michele L'Heureux
In Search Of cropped image
"In Search Of"
St. John's University Dept. of Art & Design BFA Senior Exhibition
Woodman cropped cover image
"Molding / Mark-Making: Ceramic Artists and their Drawings"
by Margaret Mathews-Berenson and Allison Peller


McCarthy Cropped Image
"First I Was Afraid…"
by Liz Blum
Cropped cover image
"Almost Home: Between Staying and Leaving a Phantom Land"
by Shlomit Dror
St John's "Why It Matter" Image
"Why It Matters"
St. John's University Dept. of Art & Design BFA Senior Exhibition
Making Marks cropped image
"Making Marks: Digital Sketches to Painted Stories"
by Chelsea L. Cooksey
Cropped cover image Disarming Geometries brochure
"Disarming Geometries"
by Gabriel de Guzman


Confluence/Influence Cropped Cover Image
"Confluence/Influence: Mingei in Contemporary Abstraction"
by Bridget Donlon
Carry On Cropped Image
"Carry On" A SUNY New Paltz Alumni Exhibition
by Andrea Frank & Jill Parisi-Phillips
Different Roads-Same Destination Cropped Simms Imgae
"Different Roads – Same Destination"
by John Alexander
St John's Postcard cropped image
"Intrinsic Parameters"
St. John's University Dept. of Art & Design BFA Senior Exhibition
Nearly Uniform Cropped Cover Schwalb Image
"Nearly Uniform: Contemporary SIlverpoint Drawings"
by Chelsea L. Cooksey
Cropped Ben-Abba Image "Destruction"
"Devotion/Destruction: Craft Inheritance"
by Rebecca Pristoop


Elizabeth King cropped image
by Lilly Wei
Cropped Peepholes Image
"Peep Holes/Private Eyes" A SUNY New Paltz Alumni Exhibition
Cui Fei Cropped Image
"New Ways of Seeing: Beyond Culture"
by Jan Garden Castro & Eileen Jeng
St Johns postcard cropped
St. John's University BFA Thesis Exhibition
Billingsley Cropped Image
"An Aesthetics of Slowness"
by Chương-Đài Võ


The Intimacy of Abstraction cropped Ellis Imge
"The Intimacy of Abstraction"
by Chelsea Cooksey
Homeland [IN]Security cropped cover image
"Homeland [IN]Security: Vanishing Dreams"
by Margaret Mathews-Berenson
Scriptopia Cropped Image
"SCRIPTopia" A SUNY New Paltz Alumni Exhibition
by Anat Shiftan & Jamie Bennett
She Was A Film Star Before She Was My Mother cropped cover image
"She Was A Film Star Before She Was My Mother"
by Sonel Breslav
Thaw Cropped Cover Image
by Jill Conner


Into Abstraction Cropped de Kooning Image
"Into Abstraction: Works from the Dorsky Collection"
by Stacy Koon
Artists' Walks Cropped Cover Image
“Artists' Walks: The Persistence of Peripateticism”
by Earl Miller
Gravity of Sculpture cropped cover image
“Gravity of Sculpture: Part II”
by Saul Ostrow
Dill Image Detail
“Donut Muffin”
by Jessica Duffett and Tamara Gonzales


Contested Territories Cover Image
“Contested Territories”
by Miguel Amado
Unfolding Patterns Cover Image
“(Un)folding Patterns”
by Ombretta Agro Andruff
Richard Hunt Image
“Richard Hunt: Drawing in Space”
by Stacy Koon
Video<>Object Cover Image
by Laurence Hegarty


Cropped Brochure Cover Image
“Shift and Flow”
by Zeljka Himbele Kozul
Cropped Brochure Cover Image
“make•shift: A SUNY New Paltz Invitational”
Cropped Brochure Cover Image
“Extravagant Drawing”
by Judith Tolnick Champa


Cropped Cover Image
“Recipes for an Encounter”
by Berin Golonu and Candice Hopkins
Cropped Cover Image
“Assembling Narratives: Quilting Impulses in Contemporary Art”
by Donna Harkavy and Flavia S. Zuñiga-West
Cropped Cover Image
“Manuel Piña: On Monuments”


Preiss Cropped Image
“City Beats”
by Berit Fischer
The Horror Show cropped image
“The Horror Show”
by Debra Tolchinsky and Dave Tolchinsky
Other Voices, Other Rooms cropped image
“Other Voices, Other Rooms”
by Steven Evans
Home Sweet Home Cropped Image
“Home Sweet Home”
by Ombretta Agro Andruff


Angel Cropped Image
“Apocalyptic Pop”
by Kathleen Goncharov
Untitled (Paper Plates) Cropped Image
by Jan Riley
This Store Too Cropped Image
“Retail Value”
by Patricia C. Phillips


Extremes Cover Image
“Extremes & In Betweens”
by Joshua Altman
Seeing Things Cover Image
“Seeing Things”
by Trevor Richardson
Revolution Cover Image
“After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art”
by Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princinthal
and Sue Scott
Possessed Cover Image
by Miriam Kienle


The Constant Possibility of Erasure
The Office: In and Out of the Box
The Fact, Abstract
Threads of Memory


Beyond Narcissus
Mental Maps
Glass, Seriously
Brave New Worlds


Dora Maar: Photographer
Watercolor Worlds


Film Revival: Reinvigorating Abstraction in Painting and Drawing
Not to Scale
Witness: Theories of Seduction


Robert Cumming: Architectural Artist
Made by Nature
Desiring Machines


Now is the Time
Domestic Traces
Horizon Lines


Simply Complex
Voices in Ruins


Matter of Time
Intimate & Infinite


Drawing the Conclusion/Drawing the Question


Growing Obsession